fredag 28 januari 2011


Oh my, the days just fly by, sorry gonna keep me on a leash to the computer!

Well anyways, days has been passing without any hassle. Wednesday brazilian was awesome. Submitted 3 people by, Kimura, Triangle and Anaconda-choke. Also I told you about my time rhytm was out of order. So wednesday night I went to bed around 4am, was so close asleep at 6am then I hear my phone and of course it's work who need me due to an emergency, so I didn't get any real sleep in 31 hours until I got to bed. Slept for 14 straight hours and here I am, feels awesome.

Will see what I'll do during the weekend.


4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice blog you got! Following!

  2. man i remember one day in the summer after a 14 hour work shift i slept for like 20 hours, i felt like a god.

  3. i'll probably sleep for 20 hours after moving tomorrow.