torsdag 20 januari 2011

First post.

First post guys. First post, lets see how long I think I will keep on blogging, but I'm one of those persons who I really tend to forget these kinds of things. But I hope for myself I will keep going.
This blog will be about my life and martial arts. I will try keep my digital camera with me to actually show my life and whats going on. For a random this might be boring but I'm gonna try attract a small scale of people who will be interested in my life and might share and show me theirs.
Info about me. I'm a 19 year old from Sweden living a bit outside Stockholm, I work extra at grocery store at ICA which is Swedens biggest brand within food stores. I graduated upper secondary school last summer and is now taking the day as it comes. I've got an martial arts interest and is training at a small scale non-profit dojo in my town. I'm weighing in at 80 kilos and is 182 cm tall which would be around 6'1. The martial arts I train is.

MMA - Mixed martial arts, a full contact  martial art and probably most of you people know what it is. It's the sport and rules used within UFC.

BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-jutsu, a martial art focusing on ground wrestling using technique rather than raw strength. Using joint-locks, chokes to neutralize your opponent. Requires an GI (Japanese martial arts outfit) to practice.

SW - Submission Wrestling, just as BJJ but without the GI rendering many of the techniques in BJJ useless since you dont use a GI. Instead you use any pair of shorts and tshirt / rashguard, I prefer rashguard due to the less friction on the skin.

MT - Muay Thai (Also known as Thaiboxing) a full contact sport with only standup and 4 part martial art, Hands, elbows, knees and the shins. This is not a technically diversed sport but relies on expertise within these 4 bodyparts.

All of these 4 martial arts I train is all to become a well rounded fighter. As far of right now I will not be competing due to work interferes with the schedule I must uphold for my team and coaches. But it will not keep me from training up my stamina and skill!

Cheers, Björn

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