fredag 28 januari 2011


Oh my, the days just fly by, sorry gonna keep me on a leash to the computer!

Well anyways, days has been passing without any hassle. Wednesday brazilian was awesome. Submitted 3 people by, Kimura, Triangle and Anaconda-choke. Also I told you about my time rhytm was out of order. So wednesday night I went to bed around 4am, was so close asleep at 6am then I hear my phone and of course it's work who need me due to an emergency, so I didn't get any real sleep in 31 hours until I got to bed. Slept for 14 straight hours and here I am, feels awesome.

Will see what I'll do during the weekend.


tisdag 25 januari 2011


Alright slacky updates I know I know! But I wanted to get pictures before I made this post.

So muay thai practice last night and it was sweet. I can feel the cardio improving and lasting longer. It's a great feeling and you get a real kick out of it. So we did some lowkicks last night, both on the inside of the thigh and outside, thought i'd like to share these pictures with you how my mutilated leg looks like now.

So guys, sweet bruises or what? :D


söndag 23 januari 2011


Hey guys, sorry no update in a while but really, haven't felt like blogging and haven't been anything to blog about really. Just feels surreal when you don't got anything you must do or attend and you just slack off. Well work in about a week so goals for the next week is just trying to get my rhytm of sleeping/waking up back to normal. My body has been to spoiled with the choice of sleeping atleast 10h / night instead of the usual 4-6.

So surreal Björn is signing off, laters!

fredag 21 januari 2011


Hey hey hey everyone. Plans for the day isnt much even though its a friday! But its the last friday since christmas so everyone is pretty much out of cash including me, I think I'll just do some touchups on this blog, play games and maybe a movie or two.

Oh yeah, also thinking about picking up a new phone when the salary comes to my account.

Since its my first smartphone I'm not 100% sure what I'm getting myself into, what do you think guys, a
Samsung Galaxy S I9000 or HTC Desire HD?

Cheers, Björn.


Hey y'all, thursday is passing and I'm done for the day. Not much to do while I'm just waiting for the days to pass until I get back to work. So I've done all day is do some chores at home, play games on the computer and head to training. Today on the schedule it was MMA and MT. I got a ride to the practice and what do you know, I forgot my shorts at home so had to skip the MMA class to go home and get them. So atleast I did MT today. Was nice today, not too physical. Some easy 1-2 (Jab & Right punch) and roundhouse kicks and to top it off with some ninja kicks it's more or less a spinning back kick to the front.

The mat was totally crowded and the atmosphere was great. Too bad it won't be any classes until monday. But it doesn't mean I won't stop writing yack on this blog!

Also thinking about buying these down below, do need a new pair of grappling shorts. Not any flashy ones but still a sweet design! Please give me a input on them!

Cheers, Björn

torsdag 20 januari 2011

First post.

First post guys. First post, lets see how long I think I will keep on blogging, but I'm one of those persons who I really tend to forget these kinds of things. But I hope for myself I will keep going.
This blog will be about my life and martial arts. I will try keep my digital camera with me to actually show my life and whats going on. For a random this might be boring but I'm gonna try attract a small scale of people who will be interested in my life and might share and show me theirs.
Info about me. I'm a 19 year old from Sweden living a bit outside Stockholm, I work extra at grocery store at ICA which is Swedens biggest brand within food stores. I graduated upper secondary school last summer and is now taking the day as it comes. I've got an martial arts interest and is training at a small scale non-profit dojo in my town. I'm weighing in at 80 kilos and is 182 cm tall which would be around 6'1. The martial arts I train is.

MMA - Mixed martial arts, a full contact  martial art and probably most of you people know what it is. It's the sport and rules used within UFC.

BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-jutsu, a martial art focusing on ground wrestling using technique rather than raw strength. Using joint-locks, chokes to neutralize your opponent. Requires an GI (Japanese martial arts outfit) to practice.

SW - Submission Wrestling, just as BJJ but without the GI rendering many of the techniques in BJJ useless since you dont use a GI. Instead you use any pair of shorts and tshirt / rashguard, I prefer rashguard due to the less friction on the skin.

MT - Muay Thai (Also known as Thaiboxing) a full contact sport with only standup and 4 part martial art, Hands, elbows, knees and the shins. This is not a technically diversed sport but relies on expertise within these 4 bodyparts.

All of these 4 martial arts I train is all to become a well rounded fighter. As far of right now I will not be competing due to work interferes with the schedule I must uphold for my team and coaches. But it will not keep me from training up my stamina and skill!

Cheers, Björn