onsdag 2 februari 2011

Many days has passed

Yeah, days have been hectic, its either been work train and sleep, almost no time for the silly blog.

Anyways, trainings been good even though they are late as fuck. So the circle go like Work -> Powernap -> Train -> Sleep -> Work. Just thank god I got no spouse or anything that requires my attention and time.

But talking about days, its been over 2 weeks since I signed up for adsense and yet I'm still waiting for approval, anyone of y'all know whats up with that? Please comment or so if you've had any similar problems.

Cam pic of me currently, gonna sleep now, laters!

4 kommentarer:

  1. The only thing I would think would be if you weren't 18 or above, otherwise they never approve you I think.. :/

  2. You look exhaused.

  3. Get some sleep man, powernaps aren't that good for ya.

    http://waaaaio.blogspot.com/ my new blog :)

  4. i know you can re-sign up if the approval takes a long time, this happened to my friend. it should be in the initial email they sent you when you first signed up