fredag 21 januari 2011


Hey y'all, thursday is passing and I'm done for the day. Not much to do while I'm just waiting for the days to pass until I get back to work. So I've done all day is do some chores at home, play games on the computer and head to training. Today on the schedule it was MMA and MT. I got a ride to the practice and what do you know, I forgot my shorts at home so had to skip the MMA class to go home and get them. So atleast I did MT today. Was nice today, not too physical. Some easy 1-2 (Jab & Right punch) and roundhouse kicks and to top it off with some ninja kicks it's more or less a spinning back kick to the front.

The mat was totally crowded and the atmosphere was great. Too bad it won't be any classes until monday. But it doesn't mean I won't stop writing yack on this blog!

Also thinking about buying these down below, do need a new pair of grappling shorts. Not any flashy ones but still a sweet design! Please give me a input on them!

Cheers, Björn

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